Gabriel Docs

Gabriel Docs™ – A Secure, Comprehensive Data Management Solution

Do you know where your data is? With Gabriel Docs™, the information you're looking for is always within reach.

Developed by CommonSource, Gabriel Docs is a comprehensive document review solution for legal cases, medical records, archival research and other projects involving large amounts of complex data. With a secure online repository, user-friendly interface and unmatched speed, Gabriel Docs streamlines document review and simplifies information management to help your team achieve better results faster.

Beyond Surface-Level Search.

Dig deep into the data or allow the system to dig for you! Technology assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding allows you to slice and dice the data into more manageable chunks. The ability to review one instance of a document (CodeONCE) and push the coding to its duplicates (CodeCOPY) saves time and increases coding consistency. Identifying near-duplicates allows you to group together similar documents, such as monthly reports, form letters, etc. This allows you to rather quickly review similar documents. »

Safer File Sharing.

Big cases require all hands on deck. Gabriel Docs allows you to view and share files from any number of access points simultaneously without putting your data at risk. All of your scanned or transmitted data is encrypted and protected through multiple levels of security. You control who has access to the data and the level of permissions for each user. By keeping track of individual users and logins, we are able to provide a complete record of additions, deletions and edits to your data set. Audit trails that record changes, being able to lock your coding to prevent changes, and the ability to set user read/write rights on a field level makes sharing the database with other users a safer experience.»

Integrated Project Management Tools.

Gabriel Docs makes teamwork easy by allowing you to flag documents for attention by specific users, request quality control checks from a different group of users, and assign advanced permissions to project leaders. In addition, you can bulk tag all documents in a family or in the search results with a single click. Workflow and productivity reporting provides administrators with the ability to review and track user efficiency, as well as analyze reports for budgeting and forecasting purposes.»