Litigation Support

Expert Attorney Review, Trial Presentation and Consulting Services

CommonSource has its roots in the legal world, and many of our services were designed with complex litigation documents in mind. Our litigation support services provide a reliable and high-quality alternative to in-house resources.

Attorney Review and Trial Consulting

We know that reviewing documents is one of the most expensive aspects in preparing for trial. In addition to our eDiscovery and ESI collection services, we retain contract attorneys or paralegals who can focus on reviewing your project, supplementing your team and adding an extra layer of quality assurance. If there is not enough space at your office, we can accommodate your review staff at our secure facility.

We also offer consultation on methods for reducing the number of documents to review, flagging documents for presentation or exclusion due to privilege, and other ways to make your discovery and presentation processes more efficient. Our experienced project managers understand that each case has its own special requirements, and can customize an optimal review system and structure to meet your individual needs.

Trial Presentation

Even with all of your documents in order, you face the challenge of presenting them in a compelling and logical way. Many trials are won or lost in the presentation stage. Our qualified consultants can assist you at trial to help tell the story that runs through the documents.

We use best-in-class trial presentation software products such as TrialDirector® Suite from InData Corp., Adobe® Acrobat®, and Microsoft® PowerPoint and Visio. To ensure that there are no technical hiccups in court, our consultants use state-of-the-art equipment and constantly test each component before and after courtroom setup. This helps eliminate single points of failure at trial.

Pretrial Services Include:

  • Development and implementation of a case management strategy.
  • Scanning proposed exhibits.
  • Document coding and indexing.
  • Preparing chronologies, indexes and demonstrative exhibits.

Trial Services Include:

  • Preparing digitized evidence and incorporating it into best-in-class trial presentation software and hardware.
  • Preparing trial notebooks.
  • Coordination or setup of electronic trial equipment.
  • Presenting evidence in the courtroom.