Gabriel Docs

Features and Benefits

Gabriel Docs™ offers a full range of advanced features and functions including:


  • Multi-level security designed to protect your data.
  • Review who, what, when, where and how each user interacts with the data.
  • Restrict access and permissions on an invidual, role or group level.
  • Integrity

    • No loss or corruption of data.
    • Lockdown files to prevent them from being downloaded to unauthorized devices.
    • No need to download additional software - our system includes viewers for almost all common document types.
    • Upper level users are able to LOCK their coding at a field or document level, preventing users in lower levels from changing their coding.
    • Scalability

      • Fully customizable to meet the needs of your team and project, no matter how small or large.
      • Handles millions of documents and thousands of concurrent users.
      • Batch and assign documents to review groups across the country or world.

      Analytics and Automation

      • Expedite your review with technology assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding.
      • Predictive coding can be based on a sample set derived from random selections or focused collections of documents.
      • Detailed search of the history of changes made to the coding of a document(s).
      • Score (tally) all fields in the database or your search results.
      • Identify near-duplicates to group together similar documents, such as monthly reports, form letters, etc.
      • Find matching documents - on-the-fly.
      • CodeONCE to identify unique documents throughout the entire database or within a search.
      • CodeCOPY apply coding to its duplicates.
      • CodeCOMPARE to identify inconsistent coding and resolve before production.
      • Detailed reports provide a zoom or wide-angle analysis of the collection.
      • AutoCODE populates fields based on data found in the text and metadata.
      • AutoCOMPLETE displays options for you to select from when coding and searching.

      Speed and Time Savings

      • Conduct searches in seconds instead of minutes.
      • Save and re-run complex searches to save keystrokes.
      • Quick search tool.
      • Take "snapshots" of data for at-a-glance reference.
      • Identify near-duplicates such as contract revisions, monthly statements and form letters.
      • Sort email chains to review in order.
      • Print documents at your local printer, or print to PDF file and save to your computer.


      • Conduct complex searches across metadata fields and text simultaneously, including proximity, wild card, like, not like, etc.
      • Highlight keyword hits in text and metadata.
      • Persistent highlighting of words in user defined list.
      • User defined lists of special words to highlight and/or search on as needed.
      • User friendly interface.
      • Review search detail to confirm search criteria.
      • Search history maintains current searches for ready reference, comparison and re-execution of search.
      • User specific foldering used to classify your documents.
      • Classify searches, snapshots and folders as Private or Public.