Find Answers Faster with eDiscovery

The process of legal discovery has become much more efficient through the adoption of electronic data discovery.

However, the convenience of producing digital documents is counterbalanced by the liability that can come from producing files that are incomplete or have been tampered with. For example, can your current discovery process determine whether an email was modified before it was printed?

CommonSource partners with industry-leading software providers to produce emails and other common documents programmatically — ensuring that your data set is comprehensive, free of manipulated data and ready to withstand close scrutiny from opposing counsel.

Our discovery and production process is extremely customizable depending on your needs:

  • Data can be organized by time period, file type, author or any other field.
  • Able to process emails from more than 15 different email platforms including Microsoft and Lotus Notes.
  • Identifies duplicates and allows you to remove them from the collection — leaving only the truest and most complete version.
  • Compatible with virtually any media type available.
  • Options to scan and store your documents for convenient online access.