Go Green with Document and Book Scanning Services

Tired of having to visit an offsite storage location to access the documents you need? It's time to digitize.

CommonSource can help you become more efficient and environmentally friendly through our document imaging and scanning processes. We can digitize boxes of paperwork while maintaining their original organization. Additionally, we can upload all of the resulting files onto our secure servers for easy access — anytime, anywhere.

By transforming your data from paper to electronic records, you can:

  • Reduce space devoted to in-house storage.
  • Save money by eliminating fees associated with outsourced storage.
  • Easily locate and access the documents you need.

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CommonSource uses production scanners and scanning software of the highest quality to meet the needs and deadlines of our clients. Each scanner is equipped with VRS (Virtual Re-Scan) Technology, which processes a much cleaner, more detailed image than is possible with less sensitive equipment.


  • Color or black-and-white
  • One-pass duplex
  • TIFF, JPG or PDF file output
  • Bates labeling of originals
  • Electronic Bates numbering of digital images

If you wish to review the documents prior to us scanning them, we will work with you to develop a method for marking the documents in a way that can be captured during the scanning process — saving time and money. As part of our quality control process, every scanned image is compared to the paper original to insure 100% capture, clarity and accuracy.

Scanning usually takes place at our secure facility to enable the use of our high-quality production scanners. However, we perform on-site scanning upon request.

Whether you need to digitize a new book or 100-year-old logs, our high-tech book scanner can carefully and accurately capture each page. Because our machine is designed to handle even the most rare and fragile books, it's perfect for digitizing archives of all types, including corporate records, government documents, library holdings, procedure manuals and accounting ledgers.


  • Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II digital cameras capture both the left- and right-hand pages simultaneously for clear, high-quality images.
  • A gentle handler keeps the spine open at 110 degrees, minimizing stress to the pages and binding.
  • A robotic arm gently picks up and carefully turns each page using an adjustable vacuum system, making it safer than the human hand.
  • The system ensures that only one page is turned at a time for complete and accurate records.

Watch our book scanning machine in action:

Optical character recognition (OCR) and optical word recognition (OWR) allows us to transform your typed documents into fully searchable digital text files. We can apply OCR or OWR to scanned documents, bound books and documents submitted for eDiscovery. This includes foreign-language documents: We provide OCR in 179 languages, including Arabic.

Because the coding, indexing and organization of your files is all customizable, you can receive your data in the form best suited to your needs. Prior to beginning your project, a member of our team will meet with you to go over the project requirements and expectations. A coding guideline manual will be developed and used throughout the project. This allows you to choose the fields you want to capture and specify how you would like them to be coded. Any subsequent changes to the coding guidelines manual must meet with your approval and will be documented.