Company History and Expertise

CommonSource was founded in 1997 to provide comprehensive information management services to legal firms and corporations. Our flagship service, remote data hosting, was inspired by the need that Founder L. Ann Zdansky observed while consulting on a large document production project at a major corporation. We gradually expanded our services to include document scanning and coding, electronic discovery, managed review services and more, all driven by the needs of our clients.

In 2006, CommonSource launched its proprietary document review platform, Gabriel Docs™, to facilitate the organization and review of large collections of documents. Its speed and user-friendly interface have made Gabriel Docs a leading product among law firms and corporate legal departments reviewing large and complex cases, such as class action suits.

Our staff is built around longtime industry experts, many of whom have worked for law firms and corporations as technology managers, litigation support specialists, document management specialists, IT consultants or quality assurance analysts. These experienced leaders are supplemented by skilled employees who are trained in our quality control standards and processes.

All of our employees are required to keep up with the latest technology trends in order to make the best recommendations to our clients. We make significant investments in emerging technologies, allowing us to determine the best-in-class options and implement them as appropriate to meet our clients' needs.

Our capabilities include: