Digital to Paper Document Production

While computers have revolutionized the way information is communicated, a paperless world is still a dream. And that's okay — in some cases, tangible documents are not only required but also more practical.

CommonSource provides fast, convenient and high-quality hard copies of your digital documents. We perform multiple quality checks to ensure that your output is a perfect replica of the original.

We offer nearly unlimited options for converting your electronic files to paper format with ease:

  • Files can originate as images, emails or loose documents.
  • Custom filters allow you to flag certain files for printing in different batches.
  • Directory structure is maintained when printing loose files.
  • Files can be printed in color or black and white.
  • Paper output can be up to 11" x 17" with option of two- or three-hole punch.
  • Printed images can include custom headers and footers (such as protective order stamps or Bates numbering).