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  • Make Your Data Heel.

    Comprehensive legal document review.

    When preparing for a trial, organizing and looking through extensive amounts of documents is not only time consuming, but expensive. The excess hours spent conducting a thorough document review can bury your personnel and scarf down resources, causing your office to fall behind on other projects.

    For cases requiring extensive litigation review, companies like The Common Source provide the staff, location and resources you need to organize your data for the courtroom.

    Experienced professionals

    We provide [...]

  • Data Rescue Squad.

    Pulling your data out of harm’s way

    Time slows down for no one and nothing, and that includes your documents. Paper records stored in cardboard boxes and filing cabinets deteriorate as they age, causing your important items to become illegible. Carbon copy invoice slips, typewriter-printed receipts and photographs are all especially delicate and susceptible to breaking down over time. Remember thermal paper that was used years ago in fax machines and calculators? The wording on thermal paper disappears over [...]

  • It’s a Dog-Eat-Data World.

    Disaster protection for your documents.

    Most businesses have procedures in place to protect their employees and their office buildings from natural disasters, but what about protection for their data? Flood waters from a hurricane or heavy rainstorm can seep into storage units and disintegrate cardboard filing boxes, turning important documents into mush. A fire can tear through an office building after hours and burn through papers and even on-site servers. Safeguard your business’ sensitive documents with help from The [...]

  • Your Data Guard Dogs.

    Best practices for backing up your data.

    Anyone who has been in business longer than five minutes knows there is more to backing up your data than simply clicking the save button. Servers crash, natural disasters happen and old papers are locked away in storage — often without a comprehensive filing system in place. Offsite backup is a growing business practice structured around retaining the integrity of your documents.

    A recent white paper lists the five best practices [...]

  • Microfilm Have You Chasing Your Tail?

    Bring the Past into the Present with Microfilm Digitization.

    The year is 1982. The problem? Valuable information and historical accounts are being lost due to print newspaper deterioration. The solution? Microfilm. To keep the contents of newspapers safe from the hands of time, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) instituted the United States Newspaper Program to catalog and preserve American newspapers on microfilm.

    Today, file-sharing servers and thumb drives make microfilm a thing of the past — with [...]

  • Sometimes, It’s Better to Give than Retrieve…

    TCS Supports Grant’s Eco Art with Commission and Trip

    TCS President and CEO Ann Zdansky recently commissioned a large collage by Houston artist Grant Manier. The collage, made from hand-torn recycled paper, features an image of an orangutan — a species Ann has been fascinated with since her trip to Borneo in 2010. Prints of the piece are available for sale, and a percentage of each sale will go toward Orangutan Foundation International. Visit for more information about [...]

  • Time to Tighten the Leash on Your Data.

    How intelligent archiving is good for business.

    Whether it’s finding a receipt, locating a phone message or remembering where you put your car keys, at some point in life most of us have realized the need to develop a logical system for storing important documents and possessions. As the electronic storage of valuable information becomes the new standard, it’s time for businesses to re-examine the efficiency of their archival systems. A recent study by the Energy Strategy Group found [...]

  • A Tail as Old as Time.

    As long as there has been civilization, there has been knowledge that needed to be organized. With Gabriel Docs™ version 2b65, storing and retrieving specific data is easier than ever. The new update features reduced document load time and improved searching capabilities, so you can locate and view the information you need quicker than a puppy can wag its tail. With secure file sharing for access from any location, you can manage large case files with ease. The integrity of each [...]

  • Wrapping Your Paws Around Big Data.

    A generation ago, “data” was a word relegated to science and science fiction. Over the past few years, it’s grown, well, BIG — and now looms large in the world of business.

    How does your business manage its data? Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant or executive, your organization holds a massive amount of information, much of which is useful but probably not often used. Examples of practical business uses for carefully managed, searchable databases abound:

    For Law Firms: How many [...]

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