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Time to Tighten the Leash on Your Data.

How intelligent archiving is good for business.

Whether it’s finding a receipt, locating a phone message or remembering where you put your car keys, at some point in life most of us have realized the need to develop a logical system for storing important documents and possessions. As the electronic storage of valuable information becomes the new standard, it’s time for businesses to re-examine the efficiency of their archival systems. A recent study by the Energy Strategy Group found that while most of the businesses surveyed do have systems in place for storing large amounts of data over long periods of time, those systems often use archaic methods of sorting the data, like by date or time, that do not consider the nature or value of the information. This means that even though companies recognize the need to hold on to their electronic files, whether to meet internal company regulations or to keep legally compliant, they still have not put in place intelligent archival systems that allow them to easily search their databases by file content rather than by time frame.

In addition to the obvious advantage that thoughtful archiving produces ― fast, accurate data retrieval ― businesses who practice long-term record storage enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Improved record-retention regulation compliance
  • Increased end-user information access
  • Better overall storage resource management
  • Reduced disaster recovery expenses
  • Easier eDiscovery process

Since 1997, The Common Source has been leading the pack in intelligent data storage. We’ve evolved with the times, adding new services as technological advances expanded the needs of our clients. Today, we offer secure data hosting, efficient eDiscovery and intuitive data searching through Gabriel Docs™, our proprietary document review software.

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