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Make Your Data Heel.

Comprehensive legal document review.

When preparing for a trial, organizing and looking through extensive amounts of documents is not only time consuming, but expensive. The excess hours spent conducting a thorough document review can bury your personnel and scarf down resources, causing your office to fall behind on other projects.

For cases requiring extensive litigation review, companies like The Common Source provide the staff, location and resources you need to organize your data for the courtroom.

Experienced professionals

We provide trained, vetted attorneys, paralegals and administrative personnel to assist in expediting document review and preventing data discrepancies.

Versatile facility

Located in our secure building, our large office space can house an entire review team for projects of any size — including group and private work spaces.

State-of-the-art resources

Our facility is fully equipped with computers and the specific digital equipment necessary to perform a thorough document review, and our on-site technical support staff ensures a seamless production schedule.

Sniff out expert document review.

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