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Data Rescue Squad.

Pulling your data out of harm’s way

Time slows down for no one and nothing, and that includes your documents. Paper records stored in cardboard boxes and filing cabinets deteriorate as they age, causing your important items to become illegible. Carbon copy invoice slips, typewriter-printed receipts and photographs are all especially delicate and susceptible to breaking down over time. Remember thermal paper that was used years ago in fax machines and calculators? The wording on thermal paper disappears over time, the longer you wait the more faded the print becomes – making it impossible to read or copy.

Other elements that contribute to the deterioration of your documents are paper acidity, contact with some plastics and adhesives, light, humidity and heat — all of which negatively affect records buried in an office building or storage unit.

The Common Source has the technology and experience to scan all your important documents and create a personal digital library for all your business records. The quality control experts at The Common Source are highly trained to scan all types of documents without causing any further damage to old and brittle items.

Once documents have been scanned and turned into digital files, they are organized, labeled and stored in our private, secure cloud where you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Make sure your information is never lost due to improper document storage.

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