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It’s a Dog-Eat-Data World.

Disaster protection for your documents.

Most businesses have procedures in place to protect their employees and their office buildings from natural disasters, but what about protection for their data? Flood waters from a hurricane or heavy rainstorm can seep into storage units and disintegrate cardboard filing boxes, turning important documents into mush. A fire can tear through an office building after hours and burn through papers and even on-site servers. Safeguard your business’ sensitive documents with help from The Common Source.

The Common Source meticulously scans and digitizes your paper documents, books, microfilm and any other hard-copy items. These digital files are stored on The Common Source’s secure servers and in our private cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere, negating the need for keeping boxes of records in storage. A mirror copy is stored on separate servers at our disaster recovery location.

By transitioning your paper documents to electronic files and allowing The Common Source to protect and store your data in two secure locations, you can rest as easy as a new pup knowing that your information is safe from disaster.