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Your Data Guard Dogs.

Best practices for backing up your data.

Anyone who has been in business longer than five minutes knows there is more to backing up your data than simply clicking the save button. Servers crash, natural disasters happen and old papers are locked away in storage — often without a comprehensive filing system in place. Offsite backup is a growing business practice structured around retaining the integrity of your documents.

A recent white paper lists the five best practices for offsite data backup:

  • Send offsite often. Making a backup of your documents every weekend ensures that last week’s data is safe, but what happens when the servers go down on Friday morning? When you upload your data to The Common Source’s secure online portal as you work, it is replicated in two places — on our primary servers and our backup server located in a highly-secure, underground bunker —so you are protected should something happen to your onsite data network.
  • Ensure fast restoration. You want your data to come when you call. Once your documents have been stored in The Common Source’s secure online portal, you can access them anytime, anywhere you have a safe internet connection.
  • Use encryption. Ensuring your data is protected from hackers is essential — especially for legal and medical professionals. All data stored within Gabriel Docs™ is protected with a multi-layered encryption system. You can even set and control levels of access for individual administrators and users, as well as access a record of logins and changes to your documents.
  • Label Everything for Easy recovery. Trying to find a single document among all your archived work can be like trying to find a bone buried in a big backyard. Gabriel Docs, The Common Source’s integrated document management system, allows you to group related documents and make notes for future reference. Whether your search query is simple or complex, locating what you need is a walk in the park.
  • Test and verify. If your data has been uploaded out of sequence or with items missing, you could be in for a surprise when you go digging for that all-important document. Quality control is an integral part of The Common Source’s process. Each piece of print or digital collateral is checked against the original to ensure that nothing is missing and everything is in perfect order.
    When you store your data on The Common Source’s secure servers, you ensure that all your information is accurate, safe and readily available for you and your business — even in case of emergency.

Need a guard dog for your data? Learn more about our secure data hosting.