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Microfilm Have You Chasing Your Tail?

Bring the Past into the Present with Microfilm Digitization.

The year is 1982. The problem? Valuable information and historical accounts are being lost due to print newspaper deterioration. The solution? Microfilm. To keep the contents of newspapers safe from the hands of time, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) instituted the United States Newspaper Program to catalog and preserve American newspapers on microfilm.

Today, file-sharing servers and thumb drives make microfilm a thing of the past — with a few exceptions. What happens when you need access to old court records or research documents? For many legal documents and files, inconvenient and impractical microfilm has been the only option — until now.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported that Pennsylvania counties are finally catching up with the times. As part of a growing trend among county clerk offices nationwide, a new Pennsylvania law will allow court records to be stored and preserved online, which opens up the possibility of digitizing old microfilm files in addition to new records.

The benefits of digitizing microfilm records are significant not only for county courts, but for any company with microfilm files. Documents that were once only readable by one person at a time in a fixed location become accessible instantaneously from virtually anywhere. Additionally, the original files are no longer needed, which can save companies big bucks in storage costs. One Pennsylvania county estimates that it will save $230,000 a year in storage expenses by digitizing their court records.

If your business has been chasing its tail storing, searching through and viewing records on microfilm, it’s time to shift your focus. Paw your way into the present with microfilm and microfiche digitization from The Common Source. Our high-quality scanners will convert your microfilm files to an electronic format in no time flat. Forget the tail and find a better way to access old records with our microfilm scanning services.