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Wrapping Your Paws Around Big Data.

A generation ago, “data” was a word relegated to science and science fiction. Over the past few years, it’s grown, well, BIG — and now looms large in the world of business.

How does your business manage its data? Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant or executive, your organization holds a massive amount of information, much of which is useful but probably not often used. Examples of practical business uses for carefully managed, searchable databases abound:

  • For Law Firms: How many cases has your firm handled that relate to environmental disasters? Asbestos? Terrorism?
  • For Doctors and Hospitals: How have your patient demographics shifted over the past five years? Has there been a marked increase in any one geographic area? Should you open a new location closer to these patients?
  • For Financial Professionals: What is the average age and income of your client base? In what industry do most of them work? Is there a correlation between these factors and the investment choices that they make?

Of course, you can only analyze and use this data if you have it all stored and organized in one convenient place. The Common Source offers scanning for everything from loose papers to books to microfilm; OCR and OWR technologies; electronic data conversion; secure data hosting; and document management software.

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