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Meet the Fast 100: Do-It-Yourself Crowd a Boon for Houston Data Management Co.

Houston Business Journal — September 15, 2014

Houston-based CommonSource LP is growing from Houston’s need to protect its data and documents, particularly as national attention veers toward the issue of cyber security and information privacy. The only problem for CommonSource is folks who think they can manage all that data by themselves. “They most underestimate the complexity involved in maintaining the security,” said Ann Zdansky, president and founder of CommonSource. Zdansky referred to several clients who tried to take their document management in-house, revealed how resource-intensive the processes were, then reverted back to CommonSource after deciding it was too burdensome to maintain the operation in-house. As a result, Zdansky’s growth targets are ambitious.

CommonSource's fast growth has landed it a spot on the Houston Business Journal's Fast 100 list. She aims to triple her company’s revenue in 2015. One way Zdansky plans to grow revenue is by expanding the company’s reseller network, vendors that sell the software developed by CommonSource to help clients store and review all of their documents, also known as Gabriel Docs, launched in 2006. In 2013, CommonSource was ranked 14th among Houston’s 100 fastest-growing women-owned businesses.

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