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Above & Beyond News from The Common Source | July 2011
Out of the Box.

Where did that document go? Is it in here or over there? Do I have a copy of it somewhere? Until you need to find something, it can be easy to forget about the mounds of papers packed away in storage. While that may not seem like a major issue, it can be if there are critical documents you can’t afford to lose. Unfortunately, theft can happen at any time. Vandalism, fire and other threats also leave your vital and important documents vulnerable to damage.

Don’t worry—we protect your documents in two simple ways: we efficiently and correctly scan them, and then securely shred the originals.
Our solution is a quick, affordable and easy way to ensure your documents are never misplaced or mishandled. Our process scans each document accurately, confirms that all pages have been imaged and captured completely and correctly, and then securely destroys the paper records professionally and safely. Additionally, you can bring all your storage containers directly to us or we can come to you. Either way, we’ll take them out of the box and put them into a safe place. 

At The Common Source, we know how to store your documents electronically and then safely shred the originals. To learn more about us, [CLICK HERE] [www.commonsource.com]
Did you know?

U.S. coastal residents from Texas to Maine have a higher risk today of being affected by a major hurricane. That’s because an estimated 50 million residents have moved to coastal areas during the past 25 years.* With hurricane season underway, it is necessary for everyone at risk to be prepared for potential destruction. 
If your office was to be hit by a disaster, would your business continue? Could you still work and service your clients? If your data and network was hosted with The Common Source, you could.  Call 281.260.9220 for more information.
*Source: National Hurricane Center’s NOAA Technical Memorandum 

Define your own reward.

Take advantage of our referral program and you could be rewarded with a $250 American Express® gift card or we will make a donation in your name to the charity of your choice (must be a 501(c) organization). 

Make your referral online. Click Here [https://www.commonsource.com/referral_program/]
*For the Common Source Referral Program Terms & Conditions, visit our website.

You said it!

“The Common Source has worked on many of our matters providing exceptional quality of work. They have the best customer service in the industry, and are always available at a moment’s notice.”  
Corporate Client in Houston, TX

Picture This. 

Each month, we conduct an online photo contest with pictures of unique animals, exotic flowers or other magnificent things that Ann took during her trips last year. If you can correctly guess the name of the object, you are entered to win a drawing. Monthly winners receive a framed, autographed photo and a $100 American Express® gift card.

This month’s photo is of an animal. To guess the name, click here. [https://www.commonsource.com/photo_contest/]

Charity Corner
Show and Tell.
The Common Source continues to support the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) and its mission to save the orangutan from extinction and conserve its natural habitat. Last July, Ann spent a week at a care clinic for over 300 orphaned orangutans in Borneo Indonesia and now, several of Ann’s photographs have been showcased in a book illustrating the journey. Since 100% of the profit goes to the OFI, you can support the foundation by buying one today.

To purchase the book, [CLICK HERE] [https://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1923310]
The Common Source—providing quality services since 1997.  •   100% Capture  •   100% Clarity  •   100% Accuracy   Our array of services include: •   Document Imaging & Scanning •   Electronic Data Discovery •   Secure Online Repository •   Trial Presentation •   Attorney Review •   Coding & Indexing •   ESI Collection •   Book Scanning •   MicroFiche/Film  For detailed information, call us at 281.260.9220 or to visit our website click here. [https://www.commonsource.com/]  The Common Source 281.260.9220 commonsource.com  Join us [https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Common-Source/135787343114308?ref=ts] [https://www.linkedin.com/company/1030204?trk=null]  We now accept American Express®, Visa®, and MasterCard®, for quick and easy payment.

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