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Above & Beyond News from The Common Source | June 2011
Blueprint for Success 

[insert photo of blueprint, map or engineering drawing]

It takes a lot of skill for an engineer to draw all the geometric features of a component or an architect to design a floor plan. What’s even more astonishing is the continuous amount of work that happens after the first draft is produced. All this immense work makes your time and materials more valuable, and you need a document management firm that can increase your productivity. 

At The Common Source, we proudly introduce new solutions to better serve our clients, and our latest product addition is no exception. With this new technology, our clients can quickly realize the benefits resulting from increased productivity, performance and profits. In fact, our clients already see a measurable return-on-investment from the quality of our many other services. 

Our Wide Format Scanner delivers fast and high quality images, and is perfect for scanning all of your large format documents such as well logs, maps, engineering drawings and plats. It also eliminates the difficulty of searching through tubes of documents to find a specific set of plans. Scans are available in black and white and in full color. 

Let us show you a plan for document management success. For more information about The Common Source, click here. [www.commonsource.com]
New Pricing Packages

At The Common Source, we understand you have tight budgets, deadlines, and in some cases the cost for 100% accuracy is not necessary. That’s why we revised our pricing structure, offering tiered pricing which is based on the level of quality control you desire. 

You can select the level of quality:
• Page-to-image validation: None to 100%
• Validation of ESI images: None to 100%
• Indexing accuracy checks: None to 100%
• Supplemental accuracy checks

Don’t worry—you will always receive our quality customer service with every order.   

To request a quote, call us at 281.260.9220.
Did you know?

We take pride in keeping your documents safe—not only in house, but in transit as well. That means you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your critical materials when we move them from one location to another. We take the time to secure your documents inside heavy-duty boxes, and then shrink-wrap them to further ensure protection. You can always rest assured that your materials are safe with us! 

Define your own reward.

Take advantage of our referral program and you could be rewarded with a $250 American Express® gift card or we will make a donation in your name to the charity of your choice (must be a 501(c) organization). 

Make your referral online. Click Here [button that routes to referral page]
*For the Common Source Referral Program Terms & Conditions, visit our website.

You said it!

“I’m probably the #1 fan of The Common Source. Their attention to detail, quality control and timeliness is great. The staff is not only personable and knowledgeable, but available at all hours of the day and night, including weekends.”
Law Firm in New York

Picture This 

Each month, we conduct an online photo contest with pictures of unique animals, exotic flowers or other magnificent things that Ann took during her trips last year. If you can correctly guess the name of the object, you are entered to win a drawing. Monthly winners receive a framed, autographed photo and a $100 American Express® gift card.

This month’s photo is of an animal. To guess the name, click here. [routes to contest page]
Charity Corner
Show Your Support
There’s still time to purchase tickets for “Night Court 2011: Laws in Space”— HBA’s original musical comedy written by lawyers, performed by lawyers, with an orchestra and crew full of lawyers. The show will run June 15 — 18 at the Wortham Center, and the proceeds benefit local charities, including the charitable works of the Houston Bar Association. We are a proud sponsor of this event and appreciate your support! 

To purchase tickets, [CLICK HERE] [https://www.explorehouston.org/ticketing/tickets/production.aspx?performanceNumber=79]
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