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Above & Beyond News from The Common Source | March 2011
Computer Forensic Industry Trends
In business, we need to be prepared for internal and external factors that may be effecting our organization. Some of these factors may impact our daily lives, while others lie dormant waiting to spring themselves upon us. The better we understand these factors, the better prepared we can be to thwart their effects.

At a recent presentation in San Antonio, our experts presented what we believe are key trends driving the need for ESI Collection. Some of the major identified trends include:
•Civil cases increasing in sophistication. As lawyers learn more, cases become more complex. There is a core focus on meta data in legal cases.
•Too much data. Decrease in storage costs has led to over retention. There is a real challenge with hosted data, not network data.
•Mobile device forensics. Clients need the ability to understand what's happening on iPhones, Droids, and Blackberries, not just Windows PCs.
•Data breach incidents are increasing. As events become more prevalent, the more forensics is needed.
•Lack of preparation for when things go bad. Rather than relying on technology, there is a need for more skilled professionals.
•Loss of forensic expertise. Corporate-based forensic experts tend to flee to higher paying jobs with technology vendors and service providers.
•Live system collection and analysis. This is all about the collection of data residing in memory, which could make or break a case.

Once you understand these trends, you will be able to understand where your organization may be exposed and act quickly to manage and decrease your risk. Contact us at 281.260.9220 for your computer forensic needs, be it collection, analysis or consulting. To visit our website, click here. [https://www.commonsource.com/]

Service Station
Document Coding and Indexing 
You might think having a couple of incorrect file names is the only danger you face after hiring a poor-quality document management company for your coding and indexing project. Or, that the “worst case scenario” is having a few pages missing. But what if you could be subjected to having your identity stolen?
If your files have sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, that means you could end up paying a much higher price if a mistake is made. According to the 2011 Identity Fraud Survey Report released by Javelin Strategy & Research, the average out-of-pocket expense for identity theft victims increased 63% — from $387 per incident in 2009 to $631 in 2010. At The Common Source, our coding system ensures your critical data will be hidden, and your database provides the correct type of information you need to search.
Did you know?
If you are a CPA, we can help you through the “busy season.” From tax returns to client supporting documents, our services provide tax and accounting firms with ways to keep a digital database of important information. 

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“We wanted to send a special thanks to The Common Source for not only the swiftness and knowledge that you all displayed on this project, but the patience. I know this probably was not the easiest project to deal with because of the constant changing of answers. We really appreciate the hard work and effort that was placed on this project. The Common Source bent over backwards to help us with whatever we asked and also ensured that we had all of the knowledge and tools needed to complete the process. We could not have completed this project without your help.”
Houston Law Firm

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Going the Extra Mile
On February 19, The Common Source participated in the MDA Muscle Walk — the largest walk event funding research and services for people with any of more than 40 muscle-damaging diseases. Approximately 650 people participated in the walk raising more than $110,000.

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