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Above & Beyond News from The Common Source | February 2010
A Case for Clarity.   Accessing poorly processed documents in the courtroom, office or elsewhere can be extremely embarrassing — not only can the documents be scanned illegible, crooked or incomplete, but sometimes the content can be downright awkward. Recently, we received a production set of ESI processed documents from opposing counsel and loaded it into the online database that we host for our client. During the quality control step of the loading process, we noticed more than 500 e-mails and images of zoophilia pornography. We immediately disabled user access to the database and alerted our client. It appears that the party that processed the documents did not check each image and only a keyword search was used to cull the documents down for production - no one actually looked at the images before they were produced to our client. How embarrassing for the producing party and, subsequently, the opposing counsel! At The Common Source, we have been ISO Certified since 2005, which validates our true level of quality and accountability. Companies who are ISO Certified pass a rigorous external and independent audit once a year and are held to a higher standard. Additionally, we internally audit year-round and document everything we do, which is also required of ISO Certified companies.  Many service providers will say they are “ISO Compliant,” but companies that are merely compliant are not required to have the external and independent audit and only loosely follow ISO standards. As a true believer in quality control, our ISO Certification ensures that you partner with only the best, and that you are never embarrassed.
Service Station. Attorney/Paralegal Review Often, litigation requires the use of additional personnel and space to handle a large workload and to meet a deadline. With a considerable amount of documents to review, the time and computer infrastructure required to review the documents can be very expensive to implement. Contact us for the latest methods of reducing the number of documents to review and to provide the staff and/or facility for your project. At The Common Source, we provide: •	Professional personnel – we can provide contract attorneys or paralegals to help reduce project time and increase data consistency •	Review staff accommodations – with a large office space and ample parking, our convenient and secure building can house an entire review team for any project •	State-of-the-art resources – our secure facilities include the entire computer system and technical support staff for a seamless production schedule
Get to Know Us Angel Ruiz  It Manager  Years at TCS: 3 Hometown: Crestview, Florida Family: Married with two young daughters Hiddent talent: I can play any brass instrument with valves (I was a band nerd.) Favorite team: Dallas Cowboys Favorite movies: Top Gun (I always wanted to be a pilot!) Hobby: Collecting Chinese art Picture This  Each month, we conduct an online photo contest with pictures of rare and unique animals that Ann took while in Africa this past fall. If you can correctly guess the animal’s name, you are entered to win a drawing. Monthly winners receive a framed, autographed photo and a $100 American Express® gift card.  To guess this month’s animal, click here.
Charity Corner On Thanksgiving day, The Common Source employees donned warm winter wear and headed downtown to serve at the 25th annual Thanksgiving Houston Superfeast outside Houston City Hall. Thousands of people stood in line for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner that included turkey, dressing, gravy cranberries and more. This is the second year that The Common Source has sponsored this event. In fact, Shannon Reed, COO at The Common Source, is on the Superfeast committee.
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